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Raw Blow - High ‘n Lyin’

//The most portentously titled song from Raw Blow’s gorgeously monolithic demo “leak”. Wisps of MIDI controller drift by, billowing gently around TMC’s guileless vocals-until EY’s massive MIDI keyboard stabs and CC’s crashing MIDI percussion blast in and transform the reverie into thrilling apocalyptic rapture. Compare that to humbly titled Double Dealin’ in which a playful MIDI melody sequence bops along blissfully, before MB’s megaton MIDI bass sends everything rocketing skyward. For Raw Blow heaven is only a MIDI crescendo away.

Raw Blow - Double Dealin’ (Demo)

//Finally, Raw Blow step up with a new tune for the your next Homecoming slow dance. But you and your partner are up on Markie’s ramp, smokin’ shwag with Slag and pounding Iron City tallboys. Young love, Pittsburgh style. Don’t show yr cards. I sometimes wonder if the “Wizard of Oz” reference was a half-pipe too far.

Raw Blow - U Can Survive(Demo) 2012

//”Ghostride”- some questions seem Eternal: ”Are we There Yet?” for instance. ”Ghostride” begins to ponder such inquiries thru the Prism of the ‘down is up and up is down’ realm of the Bay Area ‘Hyphie’ scene, as viewed from the Rust Belt. No answers required. The Quest is the Query.


Raw Blow - Better Daze

//2012 Demo, recorded at the Coop. Tackles tough subject matter with delicacy and hooks. Pissed off kissoff featuring Sonny Crockett and Robert Mitchum. Also an old friend makes an appearance.


Frederic Mercier - Spirit 1

Dark Electronic/Disco music circa 1978. 

Cerrone - In The Smoke 

Moody synth music from 1977.